Showcase Submissions From Authors

Tasty Terror will showcase new books in our specified genres. Read on for all the details!

Getting your novel on Tasty Terror is both free and easy! We will post a brief author bio, excerpt/blurb/teaser from your book, cover image, review links and where to buy links.

However, we have decided to highlight books from specific genres. We don't care if you're an established author or a struggling new writer and if you're SELF published - GREAT!

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Horror, thriller, suspense, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal whether intended for a YA or an adult audience. If your book is a blended genre or you're just not sure if we'll accept it - heck yeah, send us the info. The worst we can do is say "no."


If you would like to submit content or if you have any questions, please email successnutz(at sign)gmail(dot)com and put "Please showcase my book" in the subject line.

1.) Give us a brief bio on yourself. Very brief. Paste it in the email.

2.) Give us the first 300-1000 words of your book or story. Or a synopsis. Or the blurbs used on the inner/outer covers of you book. Doesn't matter. Whatever you think will spark an interest with potential readers! Paste it in the email

NOTE: Authors if you are not self-published, please get any permission you might need from your publisher BEFORE submitting the excerpt. Tasty Terror will not be responsible for any conflict with your publisher. See "Terms" at the bottom.

3.) We do NOT do reviews. However, if your book has already been reviewed, include a link to that review with the content you send us.

4.) Got a Book Trailer video? - We'll embed it in our post (as long as that's an option with your video). Be sure to give us the URL where we can find it when you send us the rest of your information.

5.) Give us the cover image for your book. Add it as an attachment to the email you send us. If you can't do that, give us a URL and directions on where we can find the image and grab it for you.

6.) Please note, if you have a website or blog, we would appreciate (but not require) a reciprocal link back to THIS site or to http://www.JuiceNovel.com and we thank you in advance for your consideration.

Terms of Submission

By submitting content to Tasty Terror, you contend that you own the rights and/or the authorization to grant permission for its use. You also grant Tasty Terror permission to publish the content you submit on http://tastyterror.blogspot.com


FYI for you before you submit. Anything I post here is automatically transmitted to my accounts at Twitter, Indie Aisle, Goodreads, Facebook and a few others. So your exposure will be multiplied several times just by being shown on Tasty Terror!

In addition, I will add your cover to the Amazon carousel at the top of this blog. And some will be randomly placed in other high visibility locations on websites and blogs I maintain.

Submit your book today!

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