Author Showcase: Alisha Adkins

Here's another post that should make the dead sit up and take notice. At first glance, our friend Alisha probably doesn't strike a menacing or cryptically dark chord. But you know the old saying...

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover ... 

or the author!

Heck, this may be your ONE and only chance to see words like "existentialism" and "fugue" in the description of a disturbing zombie tale! And now that I've peeled back the shroud to reveal a piece of work that's obviously going to be the most fun you've had all week -- sit back, bite your bottom lip and embrace Alisha Adkins' unique approach to fatal fun.

A native of New Orleans, she has also lived in Dallas, San Francisco and Japan. Holding a Masters degree in education, Alisha taught high school English and History for ten years before narrowly escaping with the tattered remnants of her questionably sound faculties still intact. Now working as an educational consultant for a major publishing company, Alisha maintains that writing "Flesh Eaters" was a completely natural, psychological, reflex reaction to teaching middle school.

If you, like me, succumb to whimsical notions and care to sample a buffet of tasty - albeit oddly prepared - fare from an artist who teeters on the brink of unmeasured notoriety, then you're invited to open up and say "aaahhhhhhhh"

... and don't be afraid to ask for seconds!

Get to know Alisha Adkins while biting the inside of your cheek -- and savor the contents of...

Flesh Eaters

It's a human eat human world out there. Can Adrienne protect herself and the young boy she befriends from both the dead and the living?

Awaking from an apparent fugue to find herself in a world populated by the undead, Adrienne quickly learns that, in order to survive, one must eat the dead -- before they eat you. Embarking on a hunt for survival and meaning, Adrienne struggles to stay alive, remain sane and still preserve her humanity.

Flesh Eaters is an irreverent tale of zombies, cannibalism and self-consumption. Mixing survival horror with smatterings of postmodernism, existentialism, and black humor, Alisha Adkins weaves a graphic and disturbing story while also making a powerful statement.

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